As a well known figure in the construction industry (both agriculture and civils, public and private sector) and with an expanding portfolio of machinery hire J.A RATTIGAN & SON offer safe effective vacuum excavation hire (Vac-Ex) (or suction excavation hire as it is sometimes referred to), thoughout London and the UK.

By the means of high volume air flow, together with highly trained suction/vacuum specialists, surveyors, operators, drillers and engineers we are able to assist on a number of excavation projects including: excavation of contaminated ground, water treatment, materials buried around utilities or services (railway lines, sub stations, gas, electric, water, fiber-optics, telecoms) and vacuum extraction for event clearance.

Why use suction excavation?

A suction/vacuum excavator avoids invasive groundwork digging. A suction/vacuum excavator can reduce risk to digging teams and to the general public, it also reduces damage to cables, culverts, tree roots and other environmental areas – by needing only a small excavation area. This also makes suction/vacuum excavation cost effective in comparison to traditional methods of digger excavation because of the reduced risks and the additional plant hire.

J.A RATTIGAN & SON is one of Europes largest operators of suction vacuum excavators.

New Addition

This machine is ideal for river bed/banks cleaning...any environmental work. It has a hose 120 metres from lorry to nozzle, fully remote control with underground/water viewing cameras and interregnal safe.

Another addition to the J.A RATTIGAN & SON plant hire

The 'mooner’ remote controlled system, wheeled or crawler mounted excavator is small enough for remote works in culverts and pipes, where there may be significant health and safety.

Ideal for removing hard fat and materials

& safety...

Safety is key, we plan, manage and monitor our suction/vacuum excavator machinery so work is done safely and without risk. Always ensuring a high level of performance throughout your hire.

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J.A Rattigan & Son supplies products within the heavy plant product group, working on major projects and managing ground works divisions. Based in Neasden, North London covering the Greater London area.